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Hello and welcome!

If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re either working professionally in audio or looking to venture into audio storytelling, either for fun or for work (or a mix of both).

Maybe you’re just a radio and podcasting nerd curious to get more insight into the behind-the-scenes stuff. Whoever you are, I’m happy to have you join along as I share some tips, tricks and things I learn.

Basically, I’m really nerdy about audio. I love it. I adore that making audio stories is my job. I also love listening to podcasts and radio docs. With each year of my career I find new enriching ways in which to produce audio stories, get others listening to radio and podcasts, learn from kickass producers and share what I learn with others.

I want to dive right into things, but before I do, I’m going to take this post to let you know what to expect from this blog feed and, more generally, what you’ll get when you subscribe to my email newsletter.

I work in Alberta’s Bow Valley as an independent audio producer. My career has taken me many places doing many different jobs. From local and regional radio programs and news in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Calgary, Alberta, to producing podcasts for an arts institution, to freelancing audio features and docs for radio and podcasts.

Over the past year, I started working independently. I’ve learned a lot along the way. That’s why I’m starting this blog. I love learning from others and sharing what I learn. I want this to be an easy-to-use resource or even source of inspiration or commiseration for fellow audio producers. So, this is a venue where I will blog about audio gathering – the risks I take, what works and what doesn’t work (because sometimes it’s helpful to share that info, too).

My newsletter will include a blog post, as well as links to audio-related articles I’m reading, audio that’s inspiring me, and even the odd discussion or critique about podcasts, journalism ethics and more.

When I share my work, I’ll also share a story about it: what I tried differently, what worked, what didn’t, or a really great piece of advice an editor shared along the way.

I live in and work from a national park in Canada’s Rocky Mountains. So, if there’s something specific you want to read about, please let me know. I want my website to not just be a portfolio site, but a destination to share in nerdy audio and journalism stuff.

Let the geeking out begin – subscribe here.

- Molly 

Molly Segal