On the way to IFC!

Hey! I’m heading to Stockholm for the International Features Conference. I’m very excited to for five immersive days of listening, learning and meeting new people. I’ll be hearing audio documentaries from around the world and meeting the people who made them.

I will also be presenting a doc there. It’s a personal story, one that I’m actually a bit nervous about presenting. Funny how seeing a room full of people listen to your work feels scarier than knowing many more heard it on the radio. It’s much less scary when you don’t see people listen. 



Here’s a bit about the story… I’m half Jewish. I’m not religious, but Judaism is still part of my life, mostly culturally, in a more secular way. One of my long-time friends from middle and high school converted to Reform Judaism. I was happy for her because she was happy. But part of me didn’t really get why. She was never religious and the idea had come from her - there wasn’t external pressure.

So, when I was home just before Hanukkah and Christmas 2016, I sat down and asked her the awkward questions I’d been too afraid to ask. Listen here if you’re curious

I’ll post an update after IFC.  

- Molly

Molly Segal